Happy OCD Awareness Week

20150407_191858So I have like 5 or so different blog posts I want to write but am pretty much bankrupt of time and despite the extended-ness of my weekend I have still gotten a lower amount of stuff done than even I usually do and that is a bit of a problem…but you have to be able to sit still and read for more than 15 seconds at a time to get anything done…

So yeah, this week is OCD awareness week!…and therefore I am not going to worry too much about lack of productivity because I saw a few weeks ago what happens when I push too hard, and severe OCD is much more detrimental to getting things done than being distractible…I was going to write a post about OCD awareness but that would take too much time…so check out the picture on this site http://www.thatsocd.info/ …read as much or little as you like, but take a look at the picture. It looks like her hands probably are in a lot of pain. My hands looked almost that bad for a while and I can tell you that my hands were by far not the most painful part of the experience. The overwhelming fear like a tidal wave wiping out all useful brain function was far more painful. The outside might seem like a “me too” but the inside is the hard part.

You’d think as a pharmacy student that I’d be quick to select a medication as the answer to all of life’s problems…in reality I take a more holistic approach. I definitely think that medications have an important place in treatment, but I also believe that if the patient is willing there are sometimes a lot of non-pharm options that are better solutions. Sometimes the patient isn’t willing to try the alternative solution, and other times the patient really does actually need medication, but a lot of times meds don’t need to be plan A…sometimes though they really should be plan A like when your heart is not punping oxygenated blood, that’d be a good time for drugs (and probably an AED and CPR, but also drugs)…also for example, there are three possible solutions to my problem of waking up itchy and wanting all day to scratch my eyes out: 1. Go to the store and buy (and consume) an antihistamine. 2. Find if I already have an antihistamine at home, and/or use anti-itch for skin or run solution over my eyes. 3. Whine at myself about being itchy…in theory you could add trigger avoidance as a non-pharm solution, but since I don’t know what I am allergic to, that isn’t very practical. My OL told us first year that even if you aren’t allergic to anything now you will be by the time you graduate. I don’t really know if I have always had allergies and just didn’t recognize that it was any different from having a cold or if I really did develop allergies while at school, but considering there was a while when every Sunday I was fine and every Monday I was “getting a cold” I am now pretty sure that I am allergic to something…so of the three solutions I listed there isn’t really one right answer, but there is one seemingly wrong answer: whining…yet that is the one that I picked…oops…

Speaking of non-pharm options, today I was watching a video and it was talking about how intermittent fasting and avoidance of sugar and carbohydrates are really good for improving attention. I thought it sounded like a really great idea and would be super helpful…except that anyone who knows me even a little knows that not eating from 8pm to 1pm is not really an option for me…Girl will be crabby without food, and crabby girl is not going to be concentrating very well…and it doesn’t take a genius to see that eliminating sugar and carbohydrates during that same time period is similarly not a very good possibility…exhibit one: the pouch of my backpack that is packed every morning with candy. True, there are some things I LOVE aside from candy…but goldfish and cheezits and cookies and popcorn all still have both carbohydrates and an important place in my world. Also, girl eats oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. I suppose if it worked it’d be worth it, but I doubt that even if I tried really hard that I could take on either of those strategies more than maybe at most one day and that certainly isn’t long enough for a fair trial run…and this is something that actually seems like there might be a scientific explanation so perhaps one day it might be worth a try even if that day is not today…

I know I am loving myself well when I let myself have ice cream and the last bag of sour patch kids for no reason other than wanting them…that was really good…
Also, I heard a really hilarious video yesterday. Here is one of the lines that had me laughing super hard: “I did really well on my exams, I got an A. Unfortunately it came right between an F and an IL.”


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