How you doin’ work when you askin’ where the couch at?

(Til the Day I Die–TobyMac)

You know that the next weekend is going to be grocery shopping weekend no matter what when you realize that it is now the 25th and you just finished the carton of milk that expired on the 15th…TUMS might fill in the nutritional void for the week until you have time to get there, but at like 5 calories each they won’t fill the caloric void…

I looked down and was like but look how much fruit I have…but girl does not live on fruit alone so while I am well stocked for an over 3 week fruit-pocalypse, the fact that I am out of milk and only have two bags of frozen peas left kind of negates the utility of that…I wish I’d bought more last time I went to the store because I wanted another week before I had to go to the store…but I can’t change the past.

…That realization wasn’t all bad though because it also reminded me that I can’t remember if I have paid my rent yet, but considering the pile of receipts and junk mail dating back to the first week of the month that I still need to put away, my instincts say I haven’t done it, ’cause I was down to like the last few days last month so I would have just written one check to cover both months if I had paid the first week of the month…#addittothetodolist…hey, I still have 10 days I can totally still procrastinate/forget this…

Sometimes I have to remember that people only know the stuff that I tell them or that someone else tells them…sometimes I just expect people to know things because it seems obvious to me, but there are a lot of things that are obvious to other people that I don’t get, so I can’t really make that assumption…and it is one thing if I have very clearly laid out my perspective and my opinions and expectations and someone completely ignores it to drive me up the metaphorical wall, but it doesn’t make sense to be frustrated when someone with whom I haven’t ever shared my thoughts suggests something that is totally out of bounds for me even if does hit me right where I still have old wounds. Some people are intentionally hurtful, but other people are genuinely trying to be kind and just don’t know enough of my story to know that what they are asking of me is pretty close to impossibility. I know myself, but that is an area that someone else won’t have had so much experience. Thankfully the whole conversation that this relates to took place via written communication and the other person never had to know that I freaked out, because I had could take a step away and write a composed response.

…and now I need to re-download my homework assignments for one of my classes because somehow they totally disappeared from my computer…more reasons to be frustrated…one step at a time…


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