Keeps Her Head Up Feeling Stronger Every Day

(Fighter–Jamie Grace)

So I found these shirts online because apparently someone peed in someone’s cereal in the morning and their panties got in a wad over these shirts…Shoulda let them know that although Fruit of the Loom discontinued my favorite kind of underwear that Target probably still sells other kinds of wad-free panties 🙂 . LOL…

awesome shirts

I am not in the least offended by these shirts. In fact, I saw the pictures of these shirts and instantly determined that if I could have these shirts for free I would be the first in line…but since I already have more clothes than I really need, I am not going to try to find somewhere to purchase them, but I am going to save the pictures to my computer as a reminder of the awesome clothes that could one day be mine if I ever needed some new clothes.

The argument was that these shirts trivialize obsessive-compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I disagree. I think these shirts are spreading awareness through humor. You will get a lot further on a deeply serious topic via humor than you will trying to convince someone why they should listen to what you have to say. You attract a lot more flies with sugar than water. If you want to reduce stigma then you need to do it via pop-culture, because I can nearly guarantee that the people who stigmatize mental illness are not going to read your beautifully written prose on the International OCD Foundation blog. I am fairly certain that most people know that these shirts are not displaying the true meaning of the acronyms and therefore people are not believing that PTSD is just about eating turkey.

I love these shirts and the message that it is okay to talk about OCD and PTSD. I think these are an awesome tool for building awareness and tearing down stigma. IDK how many people outside of the community of people who are secure in their past or present with mental illness would really be interested in these shirts, so I am not sure how well they are selling, but that being said, I really appreciate the effort of whomever created them to work towards destigmatizing mental illness…and apparently at least the OCD one is being sold in actual stores which is awesome because I also kinda want a kinion shirt and a #shameover shirt, but I am not really that comfortable with shopping online…or rather, I LOVE shopping online, but I prefer to make the actual purchase in person…which is why I have like ten tabs of stuff I need to buy from Walmart saved…because I am hosting a mindfulness ice cream social next week…so I need ice cream and a set of utensils for this super awesome icebreaker that I am really excited about and obviously spoons and bowls for the ice cream, and probably some toppings. I have no idea where there is a Walmart around here, but I know there must be one, so sometimes after therapeutics I will figure that out…actually, I’ve been to the Walmart, but I am directionally challenged, and the Walmart run occurred after much running around to a bajillion other stores so I don’t even have any idea what general direction it was…

Back to the point: In my opinion, whining about these shirts is likely to cause more stigma rather than less. If you have time to whine about these shirts rather than being grateful that these shirts are spreading awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness then you have probably never truly experienced the painful depths of an anxiety disorder. Additionally, it has been shown that humor is helpful in attaining recovery, so if you are trying to protect your friend from these shirts then I applaud your effort, but you are likely doing the opposite that they need. Also, this is pretty much on par with whining about how Starbucks undecorated cups are anti-Christmas…umm hello? What do snowflakes and ice skates have to do with Christmas? If anything, these cups are more Christmas-y than the previous cups…also, the sleeves for the cups are still decorated with snowflakes, and they still sell advent calendars and Christmas tree shaped decorations and other paraphernalia with the word “Christmas” on it…clearly they are aware that it is nearing Christmas time…I think the cups are beautiful…almost beautiful enough to justify walking all the way to Starbucks to get a drink…but since I kinda want a smoothie and those still come in a clear cup that would defeat the point…plus it isn’t that nice outside…

I don’t really see how this is much different than that video of the old guy saying “I eat ice cream all through the night and as a result I got diabeetus.” Is eating ice cream how you get diabetes? Um, no, not really, but this hilarious video brings awareness to a serious disease, keeping it in our public conscious. I would argue that this video is probably worse because it implies that it is the sick person’s fault for getting sick, but I haven’t heard any uproar about this video…and the shirts don’t make any such implications.


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