This is where the healing starts

(Healing Begins—Tenth Avenue North)


Just having to ask for a Band-Aid instead of being able to grab one myself used to be a painful reminder of my trials in life. My God is pretty incredible though. There has been a LOT if healing in my life. I needed a Band-Aid on Sunday, and it took the girl at the front desk like forever to find one. I was understanding and patient despite having an exam to study for and the fact that the box had moved since last spring, but was in pretty close to the same location. There was not any real triggering. That is huge. Would it have been much more convenient to be able to just grab what I needed and move on, certainly, but God doesn’t always give me the solution I want. He will always get me through whatever is going on, but I don’t get to choose whether that means changing the external situation, or changing my reaction to it…I’d much rather change what school is like and I’d much rather change my grades, but sometimes I have to accept that God’s solution to school and to grades is to help me through it emotionally, knowing that one day I will be in heaven and these things will fade away. Is everything totally awesome with school? No, but it is so much better than it used to be and I have no reason to believe it won’t eventually get even better than it is now…

Yes, school and academics/grades are two totally separate things in my opinion. It is pretty awesome that once I graduate I am free of both!

When things are going better my ability to process information is significantly improved. For example, a bracelet and some paper towel fixed the problem of a clothing issue and forgetting my hairbinders at home. It would have been easier to whine that there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to go get myself some rubber bands and tape, but instead I figured out how to make things work with what I had…note to self, try on clothing in the light before packing it up to prevent this in the future though…I mean, I got halfway there—I changed what I was planning on wearing after trying it on and realizing it wasn’t going to work very well, but I didn’t try on the second option…oops…also, it occurred to me that the gratitude papers on the wall are only stuck on there with painters tape…so the one that was bugging me could very easily be moved…problem solved…now the wall looks much more symmetric and the page that was bothering me is filling in an opening in another wall of papers that I don’t have to constantly stare at while I am studying…much better…if only all my problems were so easily solved…


I have a final on next Tuesday that I am definitely not ready for and a bajillion other things I need to get done between then and now so I leave you with two pictures…


This is all that was left of my apple after lunch…I might have been a little hungry…(don’t worry, this apple didn’t have a stem)…


This is why I have to pay attention to what my fingers are playing with…surprisingly, however, the headphones still work…even on the side on which these wires are now exposed…yeah, I’m probably flirting with danger…



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