Better get busy, got lots to do

(I don’t remember the name of the song, but it is from the musical the Plane Truth…it might actually be the theme song…)


“Better get busy, got lots to do. We’ll tell the truth tonight at 7 at gate 22…”


I hate finals…especially when I feel like I’m not ready but also that it won’t matter anyway because my gpa is lousy anyway so who cares if it gets worse…I know that is a bad attitude, but sometimes I am frustrated. (And I will not give up, because I am stubborn, and because I know that while some of the time I feel like it isn’t worth it, there are also many more times when I am thinking logically and realize that I need to get the best grades possible to keep my grades from slipping any further than they already have.


I saw a quote on the internet that I really liked yesterday…God only gives us what we can handle…apparently God thinks I’m pretty awesome. I loved that quote, and upon some more thought, it is very true. I’ve been up against a lot of things in life and I have learned that I am strong. I am a conqueror even if I don’t always feel like it.


Which reminds me of the song Toy Soldier…”So can I rest on your shoulders? will you carry me home?…and tonight if it’s okay with you, can I put down my armor and just be a daughter to you. This warfare waged has worn me thin. There’s shrapnel underneath my skin. Sword is stained. My hands are red…but I don’t feel like a conqueror tonight.”


Also: Anthem…”Here’s to the ones, the ones, who don’t give up. This is your anthem…here’s to anyone who never quit when things got hard. You’ll never let them say you’ll never get that far, never get that far. We are fire inside we are an army asleep. We are a people awaking to follow their dreams. We don’t have time for your games; we have our own goals to score. We have trophies to win instead of being one of yours.” I don’t have time to be upset over your games and I refuse to be one of your trophies so I need to reach my goals to prove you wrong…


This is what finals looks like:


Pretty posters reminding me to shut mouf (yes that is a pearls before swine reference).


A cup of milk in the morning because I seem to always go overboard buying milk and fruit so that I don’t run out and then end up with way more than I need and try to eat/drink as much as I can before I go home so it doesn’t go to waste…


And the picture of a candy wrapper represents talking to my friends…’cause one of my friends gave me some study candy this morning…and also I learned at the same time that there is construction going on over there…which explains why there is a bunch of construction supplies in the entry way of the building…


Yesterday I got my #OCDvocate bracelet! So exciting! Also, have you seen the international ocd foundation logo? It is so cool. I’m kind of a fan.


Some mornings you have to realize that even if you’ve only worn your sweatshirt once or twice, that if you’ve been carrying it around for the past month for cuddling with that it still needs to be washed, ’cause it will start to smell like it hasn’t been washed…well, actually it was carried around except for right after the T3 final when it was shunned for a couple days because it failed me…and then I wanted it again…but when it is like almost 70 outside there isn’t any reason a stinky sweatshirt needs to be carried around like a security blanket…


I hate finals so much…mostly because I LOVE learning but I HATE proving that I learned…


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