There will be a dawn

(Beauty From Pain–Superchic[k])

The world still spins as if nothing has changed. Everyone goes about their life as if everything is okay. Life just got flipped on its head and no one noticed. Everything carried on as if nothing had changed, but nothing was the same.

I know they are joking but they blame me…and I listen and blame me…even though I know am a reason she held on.

One minute I was happily in position number two along the counter on my first day back confidently slipping back into position as if I had never left. Hanging out with my friends. Just living and loving life.

The next my manager was crying and I was frozen in shock. Life was moving around me but I wasn’t.

How do you scream no you can’t leave while also saying congratulations, you’ve held on for too long? You can’t. You are paralyzed. Slowly everyone else catches up and fills in the void where our reaction should be, and I fade into my processing silence.


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