Behold him come, offspring of the virgin’s wom #awkward

(Hark the Herald Angels Sing)


Womb doesn’t rhyme with come, so I know they didn’t mean that…they must’ve meant that as an abbreviation for womanly parts…#awkward


Christmas songs are so annoying most of the time…which is why it is super annoying that Christmas songs play on the radio all the way until the end of December when Christmas is the 25th. That’s a whole week of lousy radio when there is no holiday. #awkward…


Wanna know something else awkward? This advertisement…


Yeah I saw this ad on facebook. As it turns out, the next line says “alone.” Which is great, but someone should have thought about that before left justifying the sentence and leaving that one word all by itself on the next line. I did google this thing to find out what it is…turns out, it is an adoption agency. I am not so sure that is the greatest catchphrase for an adoption agency, but I suppose no one asked for my opinion.


Oh yeah…and also awkward, the conversation that happened last night because I was stir crazy due to being up just like 10 minutes late which was 10 minutes longer than I should have been…So yeah, because I was kinda crazy I messed around checking my email and texting when I should have been filling my water bottle…which meant that when I stopped bouncing on the bed and actually fell asleep, I woke up an hour and a half later and my water bottle was empty.


Me: Hey, the water bottle is empty. Me needs some water. Who is going to fill it? Not Me! Me shouldn’t have to both identify and solve the problem.


Myself: Can’t. Too busy cuddling with my pillow and sheets and Myself.


I: I am too thirsty to get up to fill the water bottle.


So that happened…


Oh, one more thing:



Umm…yeah…pretty sure my high school diploma ain’t gonna cut it when you require a minimum of a masters degree…and I don’t really see how an APA membership would be a reward for myself. I’d rather reward myself with skittles and goldfish and stuff…


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