You Are Perfect In All of Your Ways

(Good Good Father—by some people on the radio)

Note to self: whenever your sentence ends in “and I’ll pack extra clothes so if that doesn’t work I’ll just sleep in my car and figure it out later” you should probably seriously consider whether you should actually be doing the first part of the sentence…my inner extravert and adventurer says “Yeehaw let’s do this!!” My inner voice of reason says “you are an idiot.” My inner voice of reason just wants to spoil all my dreams…okay fine…it only wants to spoil the dreams that involve unnecessary late nights and/or things that are pretty near impossible and/or have relatively high potential to cause harm to me…but it’s still a party pooper that I am choosing to ignore because YOLO and I have FOMO. I’m still young. I have a right to make one or two iffy choices once in a while…yeah, it might mean staying out late and ignoring school on the very first day, but (and I know this is a lousy attitude that I need to drop) my GPA already is bad and life isn’t fair so who cares if I get a bad grade that is completely my fault…okay fine…I do care, but I have justified that maybe just this once the first week of school I’ll take a risk and then I’ll have all semester to make up for it…one night can’t hurt that much…can it? (Yes, it can, but my inner extravert craves connection and not just by sitting in a classroom).


Also, check out this cute sequence of photos on how to properly utilize a chair…

it's a backrest not a headrest

This is my brother trying to demonstrate how to use the chair…but it’s a backrest, not a headrest, so that’s so wrong…

obvi it's a squatty chair

Obvi this is how it is done. (Please pardon the lousy picture. It didn’t occur to me to turn on more lights in my apartment so it is kinda dark and grainy, and also, it is really hard to take a picture of yourself sitting in a chair…especially when what you’re actually doing is squatting around the frame of a chair and touching the back rest but not putting enough pressure on it for the chair to roll away from you…)


If this were pinterest, this would be captioned hashtag nailed it! (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually leave the ball all shriveled up like that…you’re just supposed to wait 24 hours before finishing blowing it up…or as time works in Wiggle Worm’s not so patient world, wait almost 12 hours then give up on being patient and just blow it up and hope for the best). (Also, please pardon the fact that my room pretty much always looks like at least a small bomb went off…I cleaned up a little for the picture, but obviously not enough to truly hide how I live most of the time…I know, I have a problem with tidiness).


I didn’t take a picture of using the chair appropriately…you can look on the World Wide Web and find jillions of pictures of people sitting on chairs like big boys and girls…


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