We’re already having so much fun now…it’s my body I can grow if I want to

(It’s Our Family Weekend, We Can’t Stop—Youtube)


First of all, this is a super awesome song…apparently it is a birth announcement…but it is such a good song that I totally didn’t catch it the first time around…speaking of birth announcements, I found this really cute birth announcement on the internet and it took me a couple times to catch all the words, but once I did, it is super awesome


I am so blessed. Monday morning I got an awesome email that set the tone for an awesome day…well, officially I saw the email the first time on Sunday, and was super excited, but I had to look again Monday morning to make sure it was really real…My friend meter went up to full.


Then at school in the morning I saw one of my friends and she decided she was going to buy me hash browns and fruit. So my happy meter went up to full and began to overflow.


On the way to the place I volunteer, someone was apparently super offended that I dared to stop for a (gasp) red light. He seriously held down the horn the entire time until the light turned green again. The immature part of my brain considered remaining stopped when the light turned green since I wasn’t in a hurry or running late yet, but I didn’t…’cause I value my life and you never know what the crazies are going to do. Also, when the light turned green and I went, the person illegally went around me in the intersection and I saw his Christian bumper sticker…and then the rest of the way I was screaming the song “chrome fish” over my full blast radio…”King James sitting by your side, I bet you cut me off so I could see, your position on pro-life. Cross swinging from the rear view mirror Steven Curtis on the radio. If you were shouting at me I couldn’t hear, so I assumed you were praying for my soul ’cause your bumper sticker theology, it’s doing nothing but confusin’ me…what people see, your faith is on the line…so tell me is there anything behind your chrome fish anyway…you’ve got a right to say what you’d like to if you can back it up, you gotta back it up. It’s just a feeling, with no real meaning unless you back it up, you gotta back it up.”


And at the place I volunteer I got to talk to a bunch of my friends and it was the bestest thing ever. I LOVE that place and those people so much…and on top of that there was free samples of candy in one of the boxes I was unpacking and I obviously had to sample some of it…and there was a super awesome gel pen that really is fully erasable—not just by destroying the paper or just lightening the mark like a lot of erasable products do. I was impressed. Now my meter was exploding (in a good way).


And of course I come back to school and someone invites me to sit with them…and then later another friend gives me the rest of her spaghetti and buys me ice cream…I am so blessed…and also kind of excited because sharing a plate and fork with someone is how college is supposed to be according to movies and books and so that was kind of cool…not that I advocate sharing like that, but I figure God gave me an immune system so that once in a while I could live a little and share a plate and fork with one of my friends…obvi I will regret it later if I get sick, but then it will be a problem for another day…


…kinda like when my friend was pretty sure her pink eye wasn’t contagious anymore…and two days later I woke up and my eye hurt…but as it turns out the problem was actually that I got lotion in my eye while I was sleeping…so crisis averted…


…I crave friendship and connection so that was pretty much the best day that could ever happen to be constantly in contact with more friends all day…and the way to my heart is through my stomach, so that was like the star on top that the friendship also came with snacks!


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