Love means room to breathe


Alternatively titled: How you know you had way too much energy the day before…

Some days I have way too much energy…and add in a little bit of unexpectedness and a little bit of loneliness and you get the recipe for a girl bouncing figuratively off the walls…

So yeah…I hand wrote a blog post instead of typing it…but so many of the words are on top of each other, spelled super super wrong, or just plain illegible that I have absolutely no idea what I meant…

The one part I can read is talking about how I was studying for my law exam and was wondering if they had marijuana to share in Congress if it would be chamber pots.

Also, instead of getting the snow off of my window the normal people way, I started throwing the snow out of the way when I opened the window. It was exhilarating, but not something that I would recommend, as I ended up with a wet seat, and a puddle of water in the candy wrapper holder in the door (IDK if it is supposed to be a candy wrapper holder, but that’s what they’ve always done in my experience). It is really awesome showing up at school in the morning with a wet bottom…

Totally unrelated: but you can tell where my attention goes when I am studying when I got ready to finish up some homework and remembered the exact page number and location on the page that I had left off…but had absolutely no idea what the topic I had been working on was beyond that it was in the red and blue book.

Totally unrelated part two: I semi-accidentally started picking at some old mental wounds yesterday and I was like “WWKM, what would Kati do?” Kati Morton is a social media presence that I follow on YouTube…she always has great ideas like talking back to the hurtful things people say to you or that the voices in your head say to you…so I tried it…and 1014 words later I will say that I haven’t decided yet if it is helpful or not.


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