Don’t Touch the Positive with the Negative End

(Overthinking–Relient K)

So I just filled out a really dumb survey…Okay, the survey wasn’t dumb, it is an inanimate object so it really has no intelligence dumb or otherwise…and the idea behind the survey was valid…but it is kind of pointless to give me the illusion of choice when

  1. you don’t give me any indication where these places might be. Your descriptions aren’t very descriptive…like if I renamed all the cities and was like hey, would you rather drive to cloudtown or monkeyville? You have no idea where these places are, so how are you supposed to decide where you’d rather drive? Distances from school pretty please? Even putting down “Walgreens” isn’t very helpful because you could mean the one that is about a mile away or you could mean one fifty miles away…addresses people, let’s use them, or at least a distance from school after each option…’cause I don’t really care the name of the place you put me. I care how far out of my way you are dragging me to do something completely irrelevant and pointless to my studies.
  2. I already know that these “opinion” surveys are really only to give us an illusion of control…case in point: one year I said I wanted to do option A in the morning. My friend said she wanted to do option B in the afternoon. Guess who got option A in the morning: my friend. Guess who got option B in the afternoon: me. Guess what they expected all the people they assigned off campus who indicated they didn’t have cars to do: walk up to 10 miles in 90 degree heat in dress clothes (thank God someone who HAD a car expressed concerned so that the complaints stopped being brushed off and they actually provided rides, because guess who is crabby when it is hot outside: me).

20160313_070214On the positive side, there are a lot worse things I could be doing in church besides doodling all over my bulletin…I really was trying to pay attention (see the bottom right corner where there actually are notes)…but sometimes I have to choose my battles.


Don’t mind the red and black boxes…those are protecting location and identity cues…

Another positive: I finally found a place in the new building that feels like school…the only problem with this location is that there are zero outlets…which is kind of a major problem…well, that and that it is super far away from civilization (AKA the parking garage and the rest of campus)…



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