Sitting on top of the World

(I have no idea who the song is by…but I think it is called “get up”)

So yeah, God has a great way of creating a plan B (or whatever letter of the alphabet we end up on…sometimes it isn’t what I wanted/expected, but other times it is SO much better than my plan…

Like last night. I had this idea that there was someone I wanted to talk to so I was going to hang out in the auditorium and pray this person was there before someone else I was afraid might be there as well. The plan was have a short conversation and hopefully get outta there without seeing person number two…the chances of this working the way it worked in my head were at about 50-50…My plan B was so insane and intricate that there is no point writing about it, because there was only a marginal chance it would even work.

God had a wonderful Plan C. I went to the auditorium and there were already people there…one of whom being the person to whom I wanted to talk! Score! The people in the room were already talking, however, and re-conquering anxiety isn’t on my to-do list until today and tomorrow…so the whole talk thing didn’t happen, but my written communication skills and the verbal skills I had left that late in the day let me communicate briefly…and that worked super well because then I was out of the entire building long before there person number two ever would have been there…

Then one of my friends wanted to hang out. The plan was to talk but she needed dinner so we went out for her to eat and me to keep her company…The agreement was also that I would go but only if I could be back no later than 8:45 and preferably 8:30 because I didn’t want another insanely late night. That didn’t happen. Neither of us can understand how in a fast food restaurant with a couple other customers it can take 45 minutes just to get food…not to mention the wait to order. So, umm, yeah, my friend felt bad and rushed as fast as she could, but we didn’t get back to school until after 9:30, which means it was almost 10 by the time I got home…but on the positive side, distress tolerance is going to be super helpful for my weekend plans. I don’t know what it was about the restaurant, for that matter, I can’t usually place a finger on what it is about a particular object or person that makes it seem contaminated versus safe, but the restaurant felt dirty…and, like you would probably expect at a fast food place, the people there were using things like ketchup and stuff that make me cringe…and I didn’t want to give my friend more reasons to feel bad so I just pretended I was totally fine. And as a result, I am now sitting on top of the world, because if I can spend over an hour like that when I am exhausted and therefore definitely not functioning at full capacity, then I know I can handle so much more than that! Although, you know you need to get more sleep when your alarm goes off for 15 minutes before you recognize that it is going off instead of just listening to it.

So yeah…God is super awesome…

And if you want to figure out for me what the song is, here are some more lyrics:

“Reject rejection and refuse to fear, believe the truth about you. Steal the moment ’cause it’s very clear that you have got some livin’ to do. Impossible you say. Impossible today. Maybe when, maybe when, maybe when I’m old and grey, ’cause impossibility is only possibility waiting for someone like you to believe. Get up. Get in the game. It’s get up. Get in the game. It’s get up. Get in the game. It’s time to play.”


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