They said go to school and be a college kid and but now I question why I did

(College Kid–Relient K)


This is totally unrelated thoughts

Just because life keeps throwing more challenges my way doesn’t mean I can’t take joy in the little things…a friend I haven’t seen in a while, coconut brownies, the soap from when I went to Disney in elementary school, changing a few words of a song that was stuck in my head so that it was like it was written for me…

“She (He) does what they wouldn’t dare ’cause maybe you were (he was) born to laugh (dance) and maybe she was (they were) born to stare” –Mister DJ, Superchic[k]

It feels really good to be heard. My school’s IT has a really stupid spam filter that decides that your OUTGOING messages can’t be sent if they contain certain keywords. I got to the point that I was so fed up with it that I brought my frustration to public social media…and tagged my school. See, my preceptor emailed me to say that I would soon receive my username and password for my rotation. All I wanted to do was acknowledge the email, say thank you…and I couldn’t because of the stupid spam filter picking up on the words it didn’t like. It is seriously ridiculous how many emails I can’t send because they contain words on that stupid list. Probably because the school would prefer not to have tweets out there that say hashtag we don’t do polite here, I actually got a tweet back. I have emailed IT so many times with various issues and never have I actually gotten a response back or any other indication that they had even noticed I had emailed, so I had also done the responsible thing and emailed IT, but obviously I knew they weren’t going to do anything…or probably even open the email…sometimes I wish we used groupwise at school so that I could track hey look, it has been a month and the email still hasn’t been read, or hey, the email was deleted without ever being opened…Anyway, so someone called IT and talked to them about it…ultimately, IT is dumb and refused to change the settings on the filter to make it possible to be polite, but it felt REALLY good to at least be heard. I am moderately tempted to start posting all sorts of other problems on twitter and see if marketing can get further on any other issues than I have…but I probably shouldn’t test my luck or make myself annoying…although, they do say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so perhaps could get resolutions that way…

But seriously people? We can’t send emails that combine the words username, login, or password? How retarded is that? It isn’t automatically spam just ’cause it has those words. There are so many problems with that. IT’s (stupid) justification is that it makes us safer. Umm, no it does not.

  1. If I am replying to someone else’s email that used those words then clearly any information contained is information that person already knows.
  2. If the information is something I wrote and am trying to send clearly I want that person to have the information. (This one has never happened to me…but it could).
  3. If I can’t email the information that doesn’t mean I can’t still give out my login information. You can’t put a spam filter on my text messages or my telephone calls (as far as I am aware), nor can you keep me from posting my login information right here on the internet if I darn well feel like it.
  4. It actually makes me less safe, because while I can discretely send my parents an email with my username and password, if I can’t do that, then I’m going to have to call them, and because phone reception isn’t wonderful at school, or necessarily wherever my parents are at the time, instead of a discrete email I am going to scream my password into my phone and probably repeat it a few times…now not only do my parents know my password, but potentially any number of other people standing around. I do like telling them how to get into my bank account though, because that one is kind of funny…see, the bank decided that if you log in from a computer instead of a phone you have to answer security questions…I don’t actually know the answers to all of my security questions, so my directions are if it asks you something about food the answer is either (answer1) or (answer2). If it asks you about a place it is probably (answer1) but might be (answer2). I don’t know what the answer to that question is I usually just exit out and try again for a different question if they ask that one…also if I use a phonetic alphabet it gets interesting too, because my version is I like ice cream, B like hamburger plain, E like lego my eggo…
  5. Back in February when it was the taxact completion pin in question, it was a significant inconvenience to everyone involved in addition to meaning that anyone else hanging out in the lobby got to know how to access my tax documents.
  6. Most of us have gmail, yahoo, or other email accounts for things we don’t want you to have such easy access to, and my guess, although I haven’t actually tried it, is that if I were off campus using one of those alternative email sources I could also write whatever I wanted and get it sent.
  7. If it weren’t that there are a few people who might be reading that I could see sending emails as me or doing something else equally or more hurtful if they had the information, I am now super tempted to post my school username and password just because I can…just to prove the point that not being able to use those words (without there even being a password or username in question!) doesn’t make us safe…but wanna know my qdoba password? It’s qdoba 🙂 …I’m not very original…I keep the generic passwords as long as systems will let me because for the most part, who really cares?! Plus, if you really want my password I don’t think it really matters how detailed the password…and the more detailed it gets the less secure it is because chances are that I will forget it and use the password retrieval every time I need the password which means that anyone could get in because password retrieval doesn’t care WHO you are…either that or I will create settings that minimize the likelihood that I have to know the password…it is a bad day when my computer restarts, because then I suddenly have a bunch of passwords to remember…don’t I have enough going on in life without needing a password for every single thing in life…

Also, I get that we are way too small to have or need a student health center on campus, but would it be too much to ask that we actually be given information beyond an address and phone number for the nearest clinic? Or that we maybe get information instead for a clinic with halfway decent customer service…you wouldn’t believe how awful theirs is…or actually, if you have had any contact with them, then I guess you definitely would…Also, would it be too much to ask that you not require us to get things done prior to finals when in the past you said the test was fine for 1 year? Not everyone can get home in time to get things done at home and the clinic you suggest doesn’t do the version of the test I have been successful with, not to mention I have not heard a single positive thing about the clinic you suggest besides that they automatically send results to school which means I don’t have to locate your fax number that you conveniently failed to send out with the information about the requirement…and even that, I have heard they may need reminders to actually do…can you tell that someone isn’t a happy camper? Yeah, I cried when I got the email…and have been screaming about it for a while now…I finally located the phone number and address…according to my school they are open 8-5…according to them they are open 9-11 and 1-4…Oh, yeah, I called them twice today…the first time they informed me that they didn’t have the information to schedule appointments yet so I’d have to call again later…the second time the lady made it super obvious she didn’t want to be talking with me as soon as she got on the line, and when I asked to schedule an appointment just repeated that they accept walk-ins and ended the conversation…umm, that’s nice, but if I am going all the way over there, I don’t want to be waiting around until you feel like seeing me…I want to have a scheduled time that I know you are going to see me, and I KNOW you take appointments. Also, if you would have stayed on the line you would know that I have fifty billionty other questions which I may not have actually had the courage to ask, but at least one of them was important enough that I looked up your email address to try to get an answer that way…on the positive side, at least with a walk in you shouldn’t be able to lose my file multiple times while I am physically present in front of you…

Not at all related to school, but today I got a flight of stairs away from my apartment and couldn’t remember if I had locked the door…or even closed it behind me…and I decided I didn’t care, because I didn’t get where I am today by checking things and remembering to lock things…I mean, last year a couple times I left my car door open all day and nothing bad happened…I don’t have much worth stealing…plus, I live on the third floor, so yeah…maybe I’ll think differently if I get home and stuff is gone, but for now, I am thinking about how convenient it is that I won’t even have to open the door when I get home tonight! Yep, I really am that lazy sometimes…I know how to use a key, but I’d prefer not to…

Also, I saw recently that some college is supposedly encouraging people not to recover from eating disorders…well, that’s what the article said, but in reality they are promoting use of fitbits to record the information that students in certain physical education classes are required to track…I have no problem with that…sure, it is a little spendy, but if I went there AND I was medically/psychologically cleared to take a PE class AND I chose to take that class AND I didn’t have a condition that made it dangerous for me to track those things, I might consider the fitbit…’cause not needing to remember to write down and turn in the information and instead having it automatically transmitted to my teacher sounds pretty convenient to me….I see no problem with it…the university even stated that any student with medical or psychological concerns would be screened for appropriateness of the course prior to enrollment and the requirements may be altered as necessary to make it more possible for students to participate…


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