These are the mysteries I don’t understand…that’s why every day it’s off to school I go

(Planes, Trains, and Microwaves—GoFish)

Actually, I do not go to school to learn about sleep deprivation. That is a side effect of figuratively going to school to be a pharmacist, and physically going to school for the sake of classes and easy internet access and social time…Also, I try not to go to school every day. I do best with going to school 6 days/week with Sundays off whenever possible (not off from studying, but off from coming to school)…not always possible, but always the goal.

I have always wondered why babies if they are kept awake too long are super fussy but too tired to fall asleep. I did not uncover the reason behind that, but I did discover that it really isn’t just babies.

So Wednesday I was up way too late because leaving is one of those things I got better but not good at…plus I LOVE people, so being with people feels so good that I don’t even necessarily WANT to leave which impedes the process of leaving when I want to or should. So tired. I tried to get up in the morning on Thursday and couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to read my texts, so yeah…I finally got packed up and ready to go to school and got about halfway to school and almost turned around because I could not find my keys anywhere! As it turns out, obviously, I found my keys in the keyhole to make the car go…LOL…

Yeah, so when I am sleep-deprived, my brain gets super messed up…it is not so good…like if I told you your green shirt was purple there isn’t anything you could do to convince me it is green…that is how screwed up my brain gets…

…so obviously the greatest thing to do would be to stay up excessively late again Thursday night…so we got started with FCA almost an hour later than we were supposed to…which meant we also finished an hour late…which meant I was ridiculously tired by the time I left. It was kinda bad…I was SO tired, but just like a baby I was too tired to actually fall asleep until I eventually crashed…I just wanted to duct tape over my mouth and eyes and vocal cords to force myself to shut up and go to sleep.

The morning was interesting though, because ALL emotions are inflated when sleep deprived. So I liked the song on the radio and got really excited…and then it was hilarious when I got lost on the way to school. Yeah, that happened. See, the road was closed that I always take to get to and from school and I was a little bit too dumb to notice it until I was in the middle of the intersection so I didn’t really have the time to stop and critically evaluate what I should do…like turning in the correct direction to actually go a different way to school…on the positive side, I did figure out that I was going the wrong way and wasn’t totally sure where I was before I ended up on some random freeway…also, I found a traffic jam. So yeah, it took an extra half hour to get to school…I only live a mile and a half from school…and I was thrilled with pink lemonade for lunch just like in the Sound of Music!! Yeah, a lot of the foods they were serving were foods I don’t eat (umm, hello mystery off-white goop that definitely does not look like frosting or like mashed potatoes which are the only types of white-ish goop I can think of that I like) but I definitely eat hamburgers and pink lemonade and tomatoes (obvi not mixed together. That would be disgusting…but cups and divided plates were invented for a reason)…and it was also awesome because the email they sent about lunch didn’t sound like there was going to be much of anything that I usually eat, so it was super awesome to end up with a plate that looked like I was actually eating a meal…

On the less positive side, standing in line FORever just to not get to the front of the line before the end of the day was super frustrating. I don’t really understand why we have to get new pictures in the first place, so standing in line for two hours just to not get a picture is not fun…it isn’t really the picture people’s fault, but more that they really shouldn’t have sent 250 of us over with two hours left in the work day. Especially after taking up an entire day we should have had to study for the big exams coming up, it does not help the crabby level to have us wait in line forever and ever for no good reason.

Totally unrelated, but wanna know a good way to derail my studying when I do get a break? Tell me I have to pick at most the 10 very best articles on a particular subject, and not only that but my list must be almost a complete match to the teachers list…it is reminiscent of APUSH where before each exam we had to write about the 20 most important events and 10 most important people and I had half a notebook full by that point of page numbers and events/people and spent hours choosing (and or sulking and freaking out while my parents tried to involve me in choosing followed by screaming when I was sure that the event on my list was not actually important enough). In retrospect, the point of the assignment was to do the writing, and there were very few wrong answers…but now there are right and wrong answers and instead of a couple hundred pages of text book to select from, I have the nearly unlimited number of articles on the internet to select from. There are like a billionty articles on the internet, and I have a love-hate relationship with all of them…and have no idea how to choose the best ones and so I get stuck and work myself in circles and get nothing productive done…


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