Just like you I’m a human being

(Human Being–Jessie Daniels)

LOL…literally…before I deleted this comment permanently, I had to take a picture of it because it was so hilarious…sometimes spam comments are ridiculously obvious or else they are just like one not very related sentence but the author/email address gives it away…

but this one made me laugh.

Comments ‹ SP OCD ASD Just one ME! — WordPress - Windows Internet Explorer


“This place else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect method (insert random enter here for no apparent reason) of writing?”

Umm, what in the world does that even mean?!

The whole comment is so nonsensical that it is hilarious.

The email addresses might have made it seem like some random person desperately trying to gain attention/approval if there had been a linked account or something, but the lack of a linked account and the author’s name just made it clearly spam…and kinda added to the hilarity, because the author’s name was about coupons and the comment had absolutely nothing to do with coupons…I have to wonder if the author was hoping I wouldn’t see through this one and that I also had a policy that after your first comment all further comments get automatically approved. I did and I don’t. I am not stupid. I will see through most if not all attempts at spamming me, and I do have my settings such that I will read every comment before it gets published…well, unless for some reason I didn’t check my comment box for too long and the comment expired, but that only happens to comments that wordpress labels as spam, because comments wordpress thinks are legitimate don’t expire as far as I know.


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