You’re crazy for thinking I’m a problem


So I have a PSA…because finals means that I am easily distracted by clickbait on the internet…but I promise this one really is worth the read. Read this!! Like for real. Click here. Or here. Or here. Or on the link: …or if you don’t read, at least watch the video at the end, it gets the entire point across anyway…unless you don’t like bleeped out swear words in which case if you don’t read, get a screenreader to read the article to you…I have been going to school for 5 years so far. Who will you believe? Me or that guy on Wikipedia who dropped out of high school? No judgement on people who didn’t make it through high school; some people just weren’t made for education, but the point is, I have been focusing my life since elementary school on health education, so I would suggest you get information from me or another credible source instead of some meme on twitter, or some book written by a non-health care professional…or a politician who we all know lies about everything in an attempt to win the popularity contest. It makes no sense to me that people have no qualms about injecting botulism toxin into their bodies, but don’t want to inject organic products into their children’s arms to keep them from causing their friends to die of measles. Not sayin’ just sayin’.

Totally unrelated, but I think people think I am not paying attention a lot because I am fidgeting…while it may be true that sometimes I am doing something else, distracted, and totally oblivious to my surroundings whether intentional or unintentional, most of the time, it is a good sign I am listening if I am in motion. If I am not at all in motion the most likely scenarios are either that I am spaced out, or that I am spending 75% of my attention sitting still and 25% trying to listen to what you are saying…so basically, if you want 99% of my attention the only way you are going to get it is if I am a little wiggly.

Also apparently I am wearing my Cru bro tank to church, because I forgot to pack a nicer shirt to change into…hashtag see how much I care…okay, more like see how distracted I can be after waiting FORever for the water to get warm before deciding that lukewarm was going to have to be good enough because I probably waited too long into the morning to get warm water seeing as how it’d been more than half an hour and it wasn’t even that cold outside…so I guess we will really put to the test the inclusiveness of church…Although on that topic, after talking last week, I feel a lot more secure, and although I did continue to try really hard to drive the speed limit at all times, it wasn’t a crisis when on Thursday I noticed I was a couple miles over…hey! I made it a week, and that is pretty good.

One more thing: if I had a frustration book, this would go in it:

How’d that ‘d’ get there?! First a little c, then a little d…in the wrong spot

…I suppose I might get more done if I didn’t stop to laugh at myself (and in this case take a picture) when I epically fail at writing.



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