When it starts to fall apart in my heart I hear you say just breathe

(Breathe–Johnny Diaz)

Oh my…more reasons to HATE therapeutics so much.

Besides the email last night that clearly showed that they read the first few words that I write, decide what I was probably saying and respond accordingly. I just want to be heard. Whether I pass or fail, please just read my entire message before dismissing me. When your response has nothing to do with the primary message I sent you then I am not learning–I am frustrated. Skittles cover a multitude of problems (for about five minutes) but it would be better if you didn’t force me to rely on that in an attempt to get 20 more minutes of studying instead of two more hours of angry disheartened tears. There is a lot of crap I put up with at school. You don’t need to add to it.

So last week the directions for dress code for today were no sweat pants, but ties and white coats are certainly not required either. Just don’t look like you rolled out of bed in your pajamas and came to present. No big deal…well, until this morning when I was ALREADY AT SCHOOL and they sent an email changing the dress code to professional attire including white coat. Do you really think I want to spend a half hour in the car in traffic to get the clothing that you SHOULD have told me you wanted at LEAST a day in advance? Luckily I was able to dump out my laundry basket and find a dirty white coat, and take a pair of socks and dress shoes out of the trash and get back to school in time to not be late to class, but it really isn’t fair to make me do that…and if I hadn’t gotten lucky it could have taken another half hour to dig through all the stuff that is packed to find the needed items, because as unnecessary items, they would likely have been on the bottom in the far corner of my apartment. It already takes acrobatics to get close enough to the corner to hit the button to turn on the AC…I already have a final for your stupid class this week and a presentation. Why do you get to change the dress code right before the presentation? And no, I don’t care that the white coat and socks kinda smell funky. If you are volunteering to wash them and maybe pick up the mountain of clothes on the floor at my apartment that I dumped from my overflowing laundry basket to find it then more power to you, but if you aren’t going to give me a weekend to locate and clean my clothes then you’re going to have to deal with however they come.

I was so mad that I considered testing out whether they’d really fail me over it…but luckily the logic center of my brain could take a breathe and stop screaming long enough to realize that was only going to hurt myself…it wasn’t really going to prove much of a point…and I definitely do NOT want to be stuck here again this year just because of their ridiculousness…

Well, they already cost me a crap-ton of study time over this, so I probably shouldn’t lose more than the ten minutes I already spent writing this…I hate therapeutics SO much…it isn’t just the content…it’s the people too…the pharmacology teachers would NEVER do this to me.


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