Dear Younger Me It’s Not Your Fault

(Dear Younger Me—MercyMe)

Apparently, I should write more posts while half asleep. I got more likes on my post yesterday than I think I’ve ever gotten on a single post before. Lucky for me, I am still half asleep today! That’s what happens when leaving is something with which you struggle…and add that to the fact that you not only have to leave yourself but pack up and bring home the other person you brought, because like in many other situations, it is generally looked down upon to not leave with the same number of seats filled as you came with…

Half asleep I make a lot of strange decisions…which is why I try not to make big decisions while half asleep. Apparently it was really important this morning that I reorganize and unpack the few things I had actually already gotten round to packing before I could go to school…yeah…so I swear I am not losing my mind even though I just dumped out my entire wallet to reorganize it…’cause that is definitely something sane people do…I gotta find out when the bank is open, because I like to have less than 10 dollars in my wallet because I never spend real money, so I go to the bank and dump out my coins into the machine that spits out a little piece of paper that I have a zillionty pennies that I can now deposit into my account…so yeah, I can’t go to an ATM, because I don’t think you can shove a pile of $5 in pennies into an ATM…and the ATM probably also doesn’t want $10 in ones…sorry to the bank people who have to deal with my $15 deposit…that’s your payback for that one time like a year or two ago when you made me verify my name and account number…actually, I didn’t mind doing that, because it is better than if when you didn’t remember me you just deposited into some random person’s account…and dealing with whatever size deposit I come in with is kind of your job as long as I don’t do it like every day…

I am really sad to leave behind my incredible friends in athletics when I go home. I got to have good conversations with two of my favorites over the past couple days and I really like them so much.

I’m tired and one of the things on my to do list for the past month and a half or so is watch patch movie. It is a movie one of the KK people told me I should watch when she found out I was interested in pediatric pharmacy. She qualified that it wasn’t really about pharmacy but it was good. After some searching I am pretty sure I meant Patch Adams…so yeah, I’m just going to hit publish and not actually get to writing about what I was thinking when I titled the post.


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