You’ve got my heart my soul you can have it all


I love my rotation.

Short version: My rotation is a lot of work…like I have no idea how I am going to get everything done and am just barely fitting the most important things in and trying to figure out how I adequately prepare for a presentation on top of that…but I LOVE it! And not just because I get to walk past the adorable babies on my way to my workstation in the morning…and when I go to lunch and come back from lunch and go home…and only one of the six patients I was following died so far and considering I generally take the least complicated patients, there is a pretty good chance the other five I have so far won’t die! Yay!! This is where I start wishing I weren’t such a slow reader though, because I could be done in like half the time if I could read as fast as other people…well, and if I didn’t spend four hours creating a new monitoring form because I don’t think well in straight lines…let’s not talk about how week one is done and I have written a grand total of 0 of the minimum of 5 required SOAP notes…nor am I totally sure how to go about writing a SOAP note…’cause obvi each day the info changes, and if I wait until the pt is dead or discharged then it would be moderately useless…

Long Version: pretty much every day my student tag or something doesn’t work so I’ve taken to wearing my student tag and keeping my employee tag in my pocket in case of being locked out of where I want to go. The student director made sure we all had access to the professional staff lounge for coffee…considering I don’t do caffeine, I haven’t ever been there, because most of the time I am running behind, because getting my bottom to the car is something that takes me forever. I tend to be almost running from my car to the pharmacy and then to my little corner workstation. So far I have always made it before the pharmacist who sits at the workstation next to me, but not at such a time that I’d be comfortable stopping by the lounge…and I am not exactly a hang out in the lounge kind of person anyway…if I were going to hang out, I’d rather do it in one of the pharmacy breakrooms where I either know or recognize 90% of the other people there…

We had a day with Cerner downtime…the two pharmacists I was with and I went to central pharmacy because there wasn’t much we could do on the floor without Cerner anyway…and it was good we did, because everyone was panicking because they didn’t know what to do…step one: take down the box clearly labeled “Downtime Information.” Step two open and remove the page of directions. Step three follow them…step four realize the printer is pretty much out of toner. Step five, look all over for a toner only to find one behind the printer. Step six restart printer and realize that the only way to get the info for the missing MARs is to start completely over, and the missing ones are PICU. Step 7 continue answering phone calls from people wondering how much longer until we have MARs for them. Step 8 get almost finished—just hemonc and possibly any other clinic that has a MAR to print left when someone accidentally turns off the printer. Step 8 restart the printer and realize it is now printing without room numbers, units, or names. Step 9 use the barely readable MRN on the half printed MARs from earlier to figure out general ideas of names and room numbers to send up the rest of PICU. Step 10 guess that you are getting close to where you left off before and start working on how to look up MRNs without Cerner when someone says they think they might be able to get into Cerner again…and it’s back…yep, we had just a little excitement…and wake-up call about making sure people are comfortable with procedures so they don’t spend the first 20 minutes or more panicking wondering what to do waiting for someone to save them.

On Friday when I came in I walked past the room one of my patients was in and the light was off. It was just before 7a so I just figured either they had darkened the room for sleeping or perhaps the patient had been moved to another room…as it turns out, I logged into my computer and my patient wasn’t on my list of patients on the unit anymore. That was kind of sad…especially when I found out that the reason was dad deciding to withdraw support. I mean, yeah, the kid had a lot of issues going on, but I wasn’t ready to let go yet…and personally, I’m not sure how I feel about just pulling the plug on a kid.

I have my first presentation on Tuesday…I picked a topic Friday afternoon…I still haven’t actually thought about what I am going to say…tyranny of the urgent is going to make me regret this when the presentation becomes urgent tonight…

My car isn’t driving itself to the hospital, so it’s time for me to post and sign off…have a wonderful Monday!


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