Don’t You Know Jericho’s Got Walls Over Ten Feet Thick

(You can’t win a battle with a horn, oh silly Joshua—The Donut Man)


Today I rode my bike for the first time since last summer…I am so out of shape. It was short. Very short. In distance, that is, not duration. It actually was quite a long time in duration.


It might not be much, but I can’t do everything, and it is one better than doing nothing. I love riding my bike. It gives me time all by myself to be independent and think. Today I was thinking about how my God is big enough to make the wind and the waves, but I also believe not only can he make those big things, but he can make a peanut butter sandwich. The little things matter.


I’m out of shape, so there is definitely no way I can go on a “real” bike ride right now, but having a little time to ride my new bike I bought myself last year as a pre-graduation gift, and the new helmet I got for Christmas, was so awesome. Are there a million other things I should have been working on…umm, yeah, but everyone deserves a break sometimes. Even if you haven’t actually started anything yet to earn a break.


I don’t have many hours at work…so sometimes I’m lonely during the day…but I am thrilled that I get some hours with the people I love, and I also adore my time at VBS.


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