I like it, do you need it? Gotta have it, how much?

Decisions–Mary, Kate, and Ashley)

Written Monday…posted Tuesday because I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes before time to go to work and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet.


LOL…so…umm…anyone who knows me very well knows that although I definitely am not OCD anymore, I have whined and complained and avoided touching the garbage/recycle bins since I was itty bitty—cue picture of me as a pre-schooler throwing away a broken pot, because taking a picture of me doing it was the only way to make me stop screaming and actually do it. So, obviously I wasn’t going to open the recycle bin to show you its contents, so you’ll just have to use your imagination to see that it is about 2/3 full of papers that came mostly from my apartment (but a few were already home from the Christmas break pre-move-out piles of stuff that came home). I think we have a 96-gallon recycle bin…Also, the people that know me really well also probably can guess that if I filled it that full in one day that there is a good chance despite the piles of stuff taller than me that were discarded recently and the multiple times through throwing stuff away in the past few months, that I could probably fill it again if I really wanted to. I was thinking how glad I was to be doing this at home where the trash is just down the hall instead of down three flights of stairs…then I realized that to get all this stuff home it still had to travel down all three flights of stairs, so I didn’t actually save myself any effort…besides, there were numerous other piles of papers thrown out prior to move out. Who knew that being in school could generate so much unnecessary paper?! The paperwork is probably the hardest because it can’t be replaced with a trip to Target. The school supplies take time and effort to sort between throw away, give away, and keep piles, but I can do that reasonably well. The paperwork just feels more and more overwhelming because behind every pile I get to the bottom of there is another pile waiting to be sorted, and the decisions actually matter since the drawing from 4 years ago and the paper with my teacher’s really nice comments and my notes can’t be replaced with a trip to that fancy French store, Target. Also, I have a magazine that is all in French…the articles look really interesting, but I no longer know enough French to read it…there are so many words I either have to guess at or look up that it is more frustrating than fun to read the magazine articles…

I keep finding more stuff I don’t need in the mountains in my living room…


I am not 100% sure this planner is actually from when I was in elementary school, because that sounds like math and I don’t do math in my free time. I’m a little resistant to change sometimes so it could very well be an elementary planner I used in middle school, but either way, I was saving it for the sake of the empty pages.


Because I totally need a planner that all the pages either need re-numbering or else can only be used a few months of the year…some of the planners in the pile seem to have zero pages missing and have no writing in them, but clearly if I haven’t ever wanted to use them in this many years, I probably won’t, and I am not so broke that I can’t buy a new one if I want one later…they almost got saved though because I opened one up to look at the pages…


How cute is that? And that is how a pile of planners almost came to the same fate as the Brio magazines…rescued from the throw away pile prior to finding the trash because there was too much good stuff in there…the planners have made it to the trash though, whereas the Brio magazines have not…yet…


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