Those who sow in tears will reap in joyful shouting

(Those who dream–Kristene Dimarco)

The past few nights I have had the craziest dreams like ever.

A couple nights ago my dream took place at the hospital…it looked like some kind of school, but inside my head it was definitely the hospital and all the people I recognized in the dream were people from the hospital except one who seemed to be a composite of a girl at school and someone at work…It was actually super interesting. It would have made a really cool TV show, though it did leave me terrified and soaked in sweat (not blood) when I woke up at 2am…funny how that works…

So, without the intensity of detail that the real dream had, because that post would be more like a novel: I was covering a shift in inpatient pharmacy and having a serious conversation about something (which doesn’t really make sense in real life, but totally did in dream life). There was someone who everyone sensed probably shouldn’t be there who flipped the emergency security panic button (which I’m not sure actually exists in inpatient pharmacy) then walked out into the hallway and my distractible self was trying to see what he was doing. He took out a gun and pointed it at his head. I said “No! Don’t do it” and he looked at me and the person talking to me turned to see what was happening. He turned the gun on me and fear took my voice away from me and I just stared at him. In seconds that stretched out too long, he shakily shot me once and tried again but missed. I went into action and got the gun away from him. About that time security showed up and put him on a backboard on a bed. I knew it was important so I didn’t whine about going to the emergency room and I waited patiently.

The guy seemed really cooperative so they unfastened his arms. I was feeling overwhelmed so I walked into the hallway under the guise of getting a quick drink. I heard commotion and came back in—he had had a second gun that he pulled and was threatening to use. About this time I asked since we weren’t going to be doing work for a while anyway with this going on if I could take a break to go to the emergency room. The nearest pharmacist told me to be quiet because there were bigger things to worry about at the moment, but someone else sassed her that I had the right to a break if I wanted one. I went to the emergency room, and just sat down in the providers’ space waiting for them to have a minute. They seemed to just keep talking and not even realize I was there. I tried to get closer and had to stop falling in the sand (yeah, I’m not sure why the floor there was sand) to wait for waves of pain to subside so I could get onto the bench. No one was ever very concerned about it (which in retrospect is kinda weird, but I mean, it is dream world), but eventually I got words out to explain why I was there, and by that time I wasn’t even really sure if the second shot hadn’t hit me, because maybe the sensation of the first one just kept me from feeling the second one.

And…it’s kind of a suspense, because I woke up before I actually got any kind of treatment and before I found out what happened in the pharmacy while I was gone…LOL, but at least dream me at least delayed if not prevented someone from shooting himself in the head…gotta say I was pretty proud of myself in the dream about that.


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