There’s no stopping us, we’re fearless inside

(Walking like giants–stars go dim

Sometimes when I’m not fighting big battles it seems that a series of small battles are fought instead. I am exhausted and would very much like a break.

On the positive side, I really love my rotation, it is just a TON of work. I am a bit overwhelmed and not totally sure how I am going to get this all done in the next now less than three weeks…YIKES…I have a lot of difficulty concentrating. That is my biggest issue right now. I know I can read more than one page in a couple hours…and yet that is the rate I’ve been going at. See, I start a sentence, start daydreaming about what I will eat for lunch tomorrow, get distracted, start the same sentence again, start daydreaming about when I will do laundry, get distracted…and the cycle frustratingly continues…and now I am writing a blog post…

Also on the positive side, I was talking to the girl who lived here before me and found that it is not just me. It really is a LOT more work than either of us realized to take care of cats…and also a lot more disgusting…she joked that probably some of the vomit stains were from her taking care of the litter box or cat vomit…I am so glad to hear it is not just me struggling with those things. I kind of thought maybe it was okay for those things to be challenging, but I wasn’t sure, because the owner of the cats made it sound like it was no problem whatsoever.

Less positive…well, with just a few of the things that have gone wrong in the past 24 hours, so it was dark outside last night and it was hard to see either the street signs or my directions. I successfully got going the right direction despite starting on a street that was not on the directions sheet, and soon I was on the freeway I needed to get home…and right about the time I felt assured I was on the correct freeway going the correct direction, I realized that the exit I needed was about a mile ago…oops…luckily I remembered I had directions from somewhere else that I could piece together with an exit a couple miles further down to get where I needed to be…crisis averted…temporarily.

Due to last night’s unintentional detour, there was no way I was getting all the way to Saturday before I put gas in the car. I stopped at a random exit marked to have a gas station and eventually did find said gas station. Not somewhere I intend to ever return. Aside from the sketchiness of the area, it was super frustrating that after three receipts I still had only like half a tank of gas, because the pump was not working correctly and kept stopping.

I also needed to get fingerprinted ASAP and my directions said to take the cards to any police station. So I did. The lady at the place I went seemed really put out to have to do her job. After plenty of eye rolls, she told me she needed proof I was a resident of (inselocation) before I could do the fingerprints…I explained that was going to be a problem because I am staying somewhere nearby, but am a resident of (completely different state). She clearly wanted the conversation to be totally over at that point, but not in a mood to be trampled on when I couldn’t just not do the fingerprints and really needed them done ASAP, I asked where I could get them done. She seemed to be choosing a location randomly, but a phone call later, and as it turns out the people at the place she said were actually very polite, professional, and helpful. Three things she was not. The place she mentioned cost $10 but the gas in the car (and time) to go all the way back home would be way more than that so I looked up directions and went there. What should have been a 10 to 15 minutes inconvenience in my day took over 3 hours, but I now successfully completed getting fingerprinted…and  got home just in time to receive an email asking me how much longer until I’d have the fingerprints in…

Now I just have to get them in the mail…that whole getting them was a lot more stress and effort than it should have been. I should have never gotten so frustrated that driving over 1000 miles over the weekend sounded like a possible solution. But it is done!! And I am proud of myself for staying polite but not giving up. Guess who isn’t a passive pansy anymore?! I was going to insert a state reference, but considering I try not to reveal my location, I am going to leave that out…

And I asked a clarifying question to school a few days ago on my rotation presentation, and it became two projects…and the overwhelm went higher…I should stop writing and get back to attempting to work on that project. Lol. Let’s see if I can read a whole page before I crash and go to bed. Hey, a girl can dream!

So yeah, all these battles are tiny, but I saw somewhere that you can’t compare battles very well, because your current battle is hard because it is the one you currently have to live through and everyone else’s battles and your previous battles are easier because you don’t currently have to live through them.


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