We Could Really Live Like This

(Giants Fall-Francesca Battistelli)

Sorry if I turned anyone off with my last post…I know politics are one of those things you aren’t supposed to talk about it you want people to like you…I was just so frustrated about how hurtful people were being towards each other. It’s an opinion and a president–nothing that really matters in the grand scheme of things. If you want to complain then please do so respectfully, and if you want to argue about a particular issue, make sure that the candidate you are complaining about is actually not on the same side that you are–’cause in truth probably 90% or more of the complaints I have seen (on both Hillary and Trump) have shown that the person complaining didn’t actually know that candidates views.

Nearly 50% of the eligible voters didn’t vote, but I saw this visual on facebook, and I think it explains visually pretty well why we have the electoral college (just posting this since I keep seeing people saying how the electoral college should be abolished). The electoral college is an important part of the checks and balances in our country that protect us. The Supreme Court is another. Our founding fathers deliberated on these systems to make our country the best it could be and ya’know, I’d rather have a president I didn’t vote for than have a tyrannical dictatorship. Not sayin’ just sayin’. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but we have to put on our big boy pants or big girl pants and recognize that when we have to work together we have to make compromises because no one likes a bossy sore loser.


Also, I am so sad to be leaving this rotation. I will admit that as far as learning goes, I could have gone to a facility that wasn’t involved in healthcare and learned similar things because I didn’t learn much pharmacy here, but instead got more practice with interpersonal communication and other “soft skills.” I have made so many friends here though, and in the pharmacy I felt like I was really able to make a difference because I work efficiently and can get things done, and without a family in the area to distract me by constantly calling me about things, I only needed a lunch break and not a bunch of phone call breaks. I will miss my friends here. I knew them for such a short time, but I felt like in that short time we got to know each other pretty well. I will miss them so much. Some friends got me these:


So true. Also, I will miss feeling piles of leaves on my toes walking to church when I leave soon. I won’t miss having a shower that sometimes randomly gets cold though. That I am happy to leave behind.

Also, being so far away from school is amazing. Any time I am out of the state my school is in I can breathe a little easier knowing that if anyone tries to hurt me there will be definite consequences for that person because there will be no way to construe it so that that person is not in the wrong enough to do something about it. Not that I wish consequences on anyone, because I don’t, but the fact that there would be more than a slap on the wrist makes me feel safe knowing that I don’t think someone would take that big of a risk to hurt me. It is one thing to do something if you don’t think anyone will find out and/or know if they do find out you can make an excuse for it, it is another thing to do it when you will definitely be caught–and just happening to show up in another state would be pretty hard to explain away…There are also some incredible people at school and in that area that I really really miss when I am away, but really it’d be better if I could pack up all the good people and bring them with me and just leave the people I don’t know and the people I don’t like behind. So yeah…I had really good intentions of doing homework this morning, but so far I haven’t even started packing up my car, so it is time to put down the computer and put my shoes on and start being a responsible adult. I am excited to eat a Panera pumpkin bagel when I get home tonight.


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