Like a warrior, fight

(Love with your life—Hollyn)

Oh my…let’s just say that after the first day the rotation can only get better from here. Where to even start?

I gave myself an extra 45 minutes to get lost on part one of the adventure to get an ID. I didn’t get lost (SCORE)…well, at least not until I needed to find somewhere to leave my car…in the process of looking I took a few wrong turns that took me out of the city…oops…so I got back on track and (gasp how dare they!!) the place I parked like three years ago was no longer a legal parking spot. After trying to get turned around again without getting hopelessly lost, I momentarily considered just parking in the lot I knew how to get to. Sure, there were signs about it being $15 for anyone not using the building it is next to, but I used to go to that building and there was nothing I did then to show I was at that building so it isn’t like anyone would have to know the difference…but always the rule follower, I couldn’t make myself do that…so off to continue looking…and like there are no legal parking spots even in the paid parking lots and meters that are open. So yes, I did spend 50 minutes looking for somewhere to put my car before finding somewhere and not even caring how much it cost by that point…which means by the time I figured out the ridiculous body scan and bag/watch scan station to get into the building I was late and frustrated and ready to go home and not come back. It would have been really awesome if that could have been its own day and I could have gone home after that…instead I next had to navigate to clinic. Of course like one block away from where I actually parked there was a free parking lot…go figure…(You didn’t hear it here, but after all that I’m thinking that if there is a next time I will be parking in the lot I know about and go inside to wash my hands or something so I can honestly say that yes I was a visitor of that building…but really I’d prefer to just not go back, and that will most likely be a reality)…so anyway, I made it the rest of the way there only getting lost once…on the same block that the clinic is on…well unless you count inside the building. The security guard gave me directions to the pharmacy. I tried really hard to follow them and got lost inside the building.

Of course discussion the first day was about the one homework assignment I hadn’t even started yet…and yes, I will admit that I left that one for last because it was the combination of most difficult and least interesting to me…

I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing aside from the fact that is supposed to be done ASAP. I feel overwhelmed. I don’t want to have to talk to adults with two to three other people watching me knowing I am being graded for what I saw. That is pretty much one of the worst ways for there to be anything intelligent coming from my mouth…

And I got reassigned to spend most of my time at the clinic to which I wasn’t originally assigned and I preferred the location of the one to which I was previously assigned.

It’s only five weeks and as long as I pass I will be done. One thing I know about life is that it goes on.


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