Even though things don’t make sense or seem true

(Believe what the Lord says to you–Fear NOT! Musical)


So yeah, with staying up “late” every night combined with a full awakening in the middle of each night, the last day of the conference is a bit of a haze. I got up and went to a session on fungal infections in the morning. I felt proud that a few questions that seemed like no brainers to me were missed by quite a few or even the majority of the real pharmacists. The breakfast wasn’t nearly as good as yesterday, but it was food and filled my stomach either way. Oh my. Some people have no tact…and maybe that is how you know they already have a secure job they plan to never leave. The person next to me originally sat down with four coffees (not small). She then proceeded to get up while the speaker was talking to get four more coffees. Like seriously? That and the fact that I threw away practically the equivalent of a tree this morning are probably why this conference is so ridiculously expensive.


I then went to a session on autism. It was a pretty good session. A little surface level, and not what I was expecting, but it was definitely a good session. Then I went back to the hotel room because supposedly we were checking out together at 10…hahaha yeah, of course my roommates weren’t ready yet. By the time they were, I didn’t even care that they were super inconsiderate of the hotel staff by leaving stuff all over the room that they had decided they didn’t want. We didn’t split the bill very equitably, but by that point I was really frustrated with them and way too tired to argue and very well may have just paid the whole thing if it would end the conversation about who owes what. I know they gave me more than my share to pay, but I really don’t care.


I went back to the exhibit hall one more time. I was so tired that I really just was trying to remain upright, but I did strike up a few conversations. I also found a water bottle and juice mix I really wanted, but the dude at the booth really wanted to give me a bag of barbecue flavored chips (yuck). I wasn’t in the mood to argue, so I took them.


I went to a psych and neuro session. I was proud of myself for agreeing to be the spokesperson for my table, but as it turns out, the moderator with the microphone didn’t really care who the table had nominated as the spokesperson, so I didn’t actually have to say anything. I didn’t necessarily learn anything, but I did have a good time chatting.


Next I went to a women in leadership session. It wasn’t very well done. Most notable in that session was a woman from France who came up to the microphone at question time and ranted for like ever about how awesome she was and she doesn’t have a question but just wanted to tell us about how awesome she is.


The next session I went to was supposed to be about the internet and pharmacy. It was actually about how smart devices are all over and isn’t it awesome how we might have self-driving cars soon? France lady was at this session and took the opportunity to get up an rant again at question and answer time.


Then I tried really hard to stay awake. I rode the elevator up to the 30th floor then pressed the button to go back down again. It is probably a good thing that they split up the elevators so that each one only goes to a handful of floors, because waiting for it to come back took forever, and I can just imagine how much longer it would take if people needed to get on and off at each of 30 floors. Someone thought that one through.


That is maybe the one thing the hotel does well. The showers have awful water pressure, our bathroom door didn’t close all the way and was super squeaky, there was toilet paper stuck to the walls in the bathroom, the elevators to the floor my room was on usually smelled horrible…yeah, I definitely wasn’t a fan. Also, both at my hotel and the one the conference was actually at smoking and drinking is allowed which means the smell was really nasty.


It’s a good thing I planned to be at the airport way earlier than any normal person arrives at the airport…I kind of assume that being just over two miles from the airport that if I book a shuttle for a 9pm pickup I’ll be at the airport around 9:15 to 9:30…umm, yeah…that was very not the case. I had a 9pm pickup, but there was someone else at my hotel with a 9:15 pickup so we waited for them before the shuttle left, then we went to two other hotels further away from the airport before turning around and going back towards the airport, and I was the last one dropped off at the airport at almost 10pm. I could have walked faster than that…not that it necessarily would have been safe to walk at night with so little sleep all week and not knowing exactly how to get where I was going, but it would have been a LOT faster.


But anyway, I made it to the airport, had the bag checking guy tell me about how lots of people show up the day after their flight and don’t understand why they can’t get on the flight for the day they showed up so he was glad I understood how flight dates work, made my way through the TSA who were crabby, but at least didn’t make me do anything besides put crap in bins into scanner, walk in a line through the metal detector, then pick up all my crap and find my way to the gate. I found it. I tried to sleep but there were people everywhere and it was cold. I got on the plane. The guy next to me smelled horrendous. I know I probably didn’t smell like daisies and roses by this point either, but I know I didn’t smell that bad…I had at least showered that morning. So yeah, between the smell and the loud people around me, I didn’t really sleep on the plane either.


I got home, ate, showered, slept, unpacked (mostly?), tried to do homework…still so tired…I barely got out of bed in time to show up at my rotation site on time…Let’s just say waking up with 20 minutes to get to the car is already challenge before you can’t find your phone or keys…in reality it wouldn’t have mattered if I was late because no one was going to be there to find out, but of course that didn’t occur to me until I was already there.


I eat for a lot of reasons: hunger, boredom, stress, exhaustion, just because it’s there…so…hmm…no surprise there why I ate so much at Midyear…although I will admit that I did over-pack on the food front. I don’t have a very good idea of what a week’s worth of food looks like, nor did I know for sure coming into Midyear if there were any free food opportunities with food I would actually eat. Now that I saw how much food I brought back with me versus how much I packed in the first place, I can safely say that while the nutritional balance may have started skewing away from fruit and vegetables, the amount of food that was left is probably at least half of what I started with…I originally packed food because I was told there wouldn’t be time to buy food. In reality, if I weren’t a picky eater buying food would have been easy and definitely possible to fit into the day, and even being picky, I would have had time to walk to McDonalds for most meals if I had wanted to. It ended up being great that I packed food, because at the beginning of the conference I was too stressed out to even think about leaving the hotel to go anywhere, especially not to somewhere that involved standing in line, placing an order, then waiting for it to be ready, and by the end of the conference I was too tired to think about doing anything unnecessary. No wonder I ate way too much…


So tired…and I have to be able to present a formal case I haven’t even finished writing yet next week… hashtag overwhelmed.


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