F is for Flying and Friendship and Free; G is for Good as good friends ought to be

(Harold – Thomas and Friends)

Just a note to say that you know that your life is now following a new path when you don’t even remember your 8-year freedom-iversary until a couple days later…so, no, I didn’t celebrate…although celebration is hard right now because most of the time I am not even interested in candy…and feeding my face as always been how I celebrated…

I suppose technically depending on how broadly you define SI I might not technically be free…but my definition is one of the narrower ones that doesn’t include eating issues into the category of SI. It is a definition that works for me.

Also, I have awesome friends. I don’t know how I got to have such incredible, patient, caring friends, but they are a huge blessing.

Also, I need to figure out the words to the song “good day on a bad day.” Today is good Friday eve and it’s a good Friday song so I was singing it to myself…and I am pretty much 100% sure that the lyrics do not go “the devil meant that day to be the worst day, a cursed day, to save our souls and set the captives free.” I’m not sure what the lyrics should be, but I know it ain’t that.


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