Hey! I’m a PharmD learning to navigate a world that sometimes doesn’t seem to be made with me in mind. This blog is going to be things on my mind, and posting may be extremely sporadic because I’m a real girl first and a blogger a distant second…Happy reading 🙂

And about my headline?

SP=social anxiety disorder…I know that most people would abbreviate that as SAD, but that can get confusing with seasonal affective disorder…and sometimes social anxiety disorder is labeled as social phobia which is where the SP came from, but I don’t like as much how social phobia sounds so I go with SP but use it to abbreviate social anxiety disorder…my blog, my life, my rules 🙂

OCD=obsessive compulsive disorder…I mostly struggle with contamination…this label is one that is not really in question…I doubt anyone with a detailed history of my life over the past couple years would question the legitimacy/accuracy of this label…it was pretty bad for a while…

ASD=autism spectrum disorder…this might explain some of my struggles socially that SP may not fully explain…I also really thrive on maintenance of sameness

just one me=no matter what labels are thrown at me, it doesn’t really matter, because I will always be the same girl whom God created exactly the way he desired me to be.

Originally this was my way of fighting against labels, as I felt they were being given too much weight–I am the same person with the same life whether you put a label on me or do not put a label on me. It is extraneous, not essential. In retrospect, I see no reason not to call something what it is, and I have no problem with labeling. I do not condone labeling as a way to write people off or as a means of manipulation, but labels can help understand/explain more succinctly sometimes than a string of statements.

Those three labels in particular are the ones that had been thrown at me hardest at the time I was fighting back. I will admit that the social anxiety and OCD certainly defined my life at one point in time, and I am happy to be freed from those chains. The autism…well…let’s just say that the fact that it was a definite no and then a few months later with someone I had been warned might not want me became a possibility makes me think the answer is no, but I am open to the possibility…it wouldn’t change who I am.


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